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A Custom Master for every stage of your custom build!

Son and Dad fixing motorbike

To start, a little ABOUT ME.

I’m a son, a Dad, an actual real person at the other end of the internet. I enjoy working with my hands, teaching my children what I do and getting them involved in the garage. I always have a project of some sort on the go and my latest one you’ll learn more about in time.

Custom Masters was born from my own experience. As a keen bike builder, Fitter & Turner, Diesel Fitter and all-round handyman, I found it incredibly hard to find the businesses I needed to complete my custom projects. Searching Google high and low for the answer to my needs only to be left with 20 tabs open on my screen and no solution. I would call businesses to only find they were not the right fit and not interested in smaller projects. What should have been a small task was taking up valuable shed time, whether driving around town to different shops or trolling the internet for what I needed. It was taking too much time away from my bike.

Custom Masters will be the place to bring specialist businesses and master craftsmen into the spotlight; so those who need their skills can find them. We see Custom Masters bringing like-minded, passionate people and businesses together to finish the projects (the masterpieces!) that are housed in garages all around Australia.

Here at Custom Masters you’ll find a custom master for every stage of your custom build. On top of that we’ll be blogging the latest finds, feature projects, master craftsmen, behind the business and events.

You’ll be able to chat over on our FB group about your own build and ask advice for those bits and pieces that are doing your head in. On our FB page you’ll find out what our custom masters are up to, viral videos, tech Tuesday and more!

I have many plans for this site and look forward to bringing these to you. Thank you in advance for your support! Giving a small business a go is what this country made on! If you have any questions or want more information about joining the team, just flick us a line.

Son and Dad working in the yard