J.H. Southcott

J.H. Southcott Industries has been operating in South Australia since the 1920s, providing engine reconditioning and specialist machining services to many thousands of customers in this time.

J.H Southcott services to some of the state’s major transport, mining, and infrastructure companies. Another part of our business today involves restoration of engines and components, instead of reconditioning – as we enjoy overhauling the diverse range of engines used in classic, vintage, and veteran vehicles.


  • Engine & Machining
  • All forms of welding
  • 50 Tonne press
  • Axle bearings pressed
  • All milling and lathe work
  • Manifolds machined flat
  • Air conditioning alloy hoses welded
  • Flywheels machined and lightened
  • Crack testing
  • Metal stitching
  • Thread repairs
  • Huge selection of helicoils
  • Cam bearings fitted
  • Engine building & detailing
  • Engine fitting available

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  • Address: 11 Holder Avenue, Richmond SA 5033
  • Website: http://jhsouthcott.com.au