Top 10 Most Reliable Cars In Australia 2018

November 7, 2018 | Blog | By Belinda Owen | 0 Comments

I know what you’re going to say, there’s a lemon in every batch. And you’d be right there. But as we know, some brands have more lemons than others.

I remember when Hyundai had one of the worst names going around. Especially the early Excel (remember them!) that were little more than glorified sardine cans. But, thankfully they’ve picked up their act and are slowly moving up the ranks, making the top 10 – just.

According to in a survey they did a few months back, there are some brands out performing others when it comes to repairs and reliability. Let’s check them out.


  1. Mazda – Not surprisingly, Mazda is currently considered the most reliable car in Australia. They are well made and extremely popular with their 3 and cx-5 models topping sales charts. Of 187 people surveyed, 83 said they had issues that needed to be fixed. Most revolved around in-car technical equipment, electrical components and batteries.
  2. Honda – Always a steady performer, just under half the people surveyed said they had an issue with their Honda.
  3. Toyota – A workhorse here in Australia, Toyota’s are known for their staying power and not surprisingly are up there in the reliability stakes as well.
  4. Suzuki – This Japanese brand has been around for quite some time and is always there abouts. They’d be pretty happy with their current ranking.
  5. Subaru – Another one of those car brands that tends to go and go. How often do you see 300k plus on the odo and they are still ticking over. Again, a little lower in the field than I would have thought with just over 53% of owners experiencing a problem.
  6. Kia – Another brand building its reputation. With the best warranty on the market at the moment of 7 years., they’d be hoping the reliability numbers are stacking up. With 54% experiencing problems, there’s room for improvement.
  7. Mitsubishi – Always a brand in the middle of these surveys with 55% of owners saying they experienced an issue with their car.
  8. BMW – It seems this is a case of you don’t get what you pay for. The badge earns it the prestige factor, but you would think reliability would be a little better. Apparently 57% of new owners experienced a problem.
  9. Hyundai – Slowly moving up the ranks, they’re still a popular choice for their price point. But it’s still a small case of you get what you pay for with 61% experiencing problems.
  10. Nissan – They have their ups and downs and it does depend on what car you buy. According to Choice, 63% experienced a problem with their purchase.


It’s worth doing the research before heading to the car dealer to pick the shiniest wheels on the lot. Well for us blokes anyway, because let’s face it, we’re usually the ones fixing the bloody things when they break.

Do you agree with the survey?

Is there a car brand you head for every time because of its reliability? Let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook page.



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